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    What is built to rent?

    Built to rent is a new twist on renting that gives renters more security and long-term lease options. Specifically built for renters rather than owners, our renter-first places offer the social and styling benefits of ownership, without the hassle or the home loan.

    Who am I renting from?

    Us! We own all our communities, so you pay your rent direct to Urban Places. And because we manage our places too, you won’t have to haggle with estate agents or landlords – you just ring your concierge.

    Who’s it for?

    Everyone who wants a perfect home, but doesn’t want to own one – at least right now. Selected apartments are approved for the National Disability Insurance Scheme too, and we also offer carer units. So when we say we’re for everyone, we mean it.

    How is Urban Places different?

    For us, it’s always customer first, which isn’t always the case with landlords. We care about our renters – and about building the community they want – which is why we plan events, offer services and create shareable spaces that put our places a cut above.

    What can I do to my apartment?

    We support all our tenants to make themselves at home, and we’re happy for you to paint, hang pictures and get planting. All you need to do is keep us in the loop, and we’ll go out of our way to make your personalisation possible – we’ll even arrange the handyman (or woman).

    Do I have to lease long term?

    Not at all. We believe your lease should suit you, so we offer a number of options. Get in touch to discuss in more detail.

    Where are the apartments?

    Our current communities are based in Sheffield Quarter in the heart of Penrith. You can learn more about our individual properties here.

    Are there any apartments free right now?

    Our places are in high demand, which means they’re usually fully leased. However, if you register your details below, you’ll be in the know when any opportunities to rent with us pop up.

    How much does all this cost?

    Not as much as you think – in fact, less than many rentals with fewer services. We benefit from economies of scale, and because we own and manage our own places we’re able to pass the savings on to you.

    Why are there no upcoming events?

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve hit pause on our social calendar right now. We’ll be back as soon as it’s safe with more great events and activities – sign up to learn all about them.

    Are Urban Places pet friendly?

    Yes! All of our places welcome pets of every stripe, spot and scale – although we do ask that you think of your neighbours and your companion animal. After all, just because you can keep a Great Dane in a one-bed apartment doesn’t mean you should.

    Why aren’t all services and amenities available at all locations?

    We tailor our services to our renters, and different communities want different things. If you’re a current tenant and you have a service, amenity or activity suggestion, simply get in touch with your concierge to let them know.

    Still can’t find what you’re after?

    Drop us a message using the form above, and we’ll get back to you.