What’s the big idea?

At Urban Places, we believe in building homes that make life better for the people who live in them – however long they choose to lease with us.


Healthier, social, convenient, secure. Our places are all the things you need to be your best version of you. We pride ourselves on creating and managing great residential communities, with better services and more amenities, at a fair price. We deliver them by listening to our tenants, working with ingenuity, prioritising innovation and rolling our sleeves up. All with the goal of making excellence an everyday experience.

Where we are



Our original renter-first apartments, Highland was completed in 2019 and is a strong community in the heart of Sheffield Quarter.



Coming soon, Navali will have a gym right downstairs and all the services and shared spaces our renters have come to love and expect.

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Who we are

Who we are

Who we are


Urban Places is part of Urban Property Group. We’re a family-run business based in Sydney, and since 1987 we’ve been developing, constructing and investing in one thing: the way living should be. We’re the brains and the builders behind homes and commercial spaces that bring together quality, value and style – in spades.

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What is built to rent?

Built to rent is a new twist on renting that gives renters more security and long-term lease options. Specifically built for renters rather than owners, our renter-first places offer the social and styling benefits of ownership, without the hassle or the home loan.

Who am I renting from?

Us! We own all our communities, so you pay your rent direct to Urban Places. And because we manage our places too, you won’t have to haggle with estate agents or landlords – you just ring your concierge.

Who’s it for?

Everyone who wants a perfect home, but doesn’t want to own one – at least right now. Selected apartments are approved for the National Disability Insurance Scheme too, and we also offer carer units. So when we say we’re for everyone, we mean it.

How is Urban Places different?

For us, it’s always customer first, which isn’t always the case with landlords. We care about our renters – and about building the community they want – which is why we plan events, offer services and create shareable spaces that put our places a cut above.